”..... And now your host!”

THE EVENT MASTER OF CEREMONIES:  Chance will serve as the emcee for the duration of your event and will conduct the duties in a professional and non-bias manner.  He will commit to keeping the programming on-time, informative, and organized at a high level of energy.  Duties may include housekeeping announcements, raffle or door prize drawings, and filing in to prevent dead space in the agenda. His adaptable style and ability to think on his feet, sets him apart from other emcees

ONE CHANCE LEADERSHIP:  The 1,2 Punch is by far the funniest, most energetic and engaging.  Chance and Marcus Guinn (Emcee One) team up and together, the duo brings humor, professionalism, and powerful high-energy to the event.  Services include live music & emcee duties.. 

THE OPENER/CLOSER: Chance can kick off your event with a high-energy, positive message that sets the tone and captivates the audience. His experience with emceeing opening duties such as introduction and prayer protocol, delivers distinct professionalism that leaves the event running polished, smooth, and impressive while keeping audience members engaged. Chance has an ability to bring the event to a close in a way that is meaningful, powerful, and recaps messages that were relevant. His goal is to set the stage and raise the energy of the event.